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TYT Herbal Medicated Oil 100ml TYT Herbal Medicated Oil 50ml (Roll On) TYT Herbal Medicated Oil 50ml Multi-purpose Herbal Medicated Oil For Your Family TYT Herbal Medicated Oil is a multi-purpose traditional medicated oil certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. You can use this medicated oil for wind, stomach ache, minor sprains, burns, cuts, insect bites or insect stings, numbness, backache, post natal wind, rheumatism and other minor injuries. Safe for the whole family including babies and pregnant mothers. About our medicated oil -Carefully formulated and produced by a licensed GMP standard pharma factory in Malaysia -Contains lemongrass, a well-known and natural mosquito repellent -Fresh, natural herbal scent -Does not leave stains on clothes after washing -Is not oily when fully absorbed into skin -No burning or hot sensation, suitable for use as a massage oil -No burning sensation, gentle enough for baby’s skin -Internationally accepted HALAL certification -Safe for use by all in the family Expired Date : 100ml - 11/2020 50ml - 08/2020 Roll on - 11/2020 #tyt #medicated oil #traditional #medicine


Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating foot bath that’s easy to prepare with Herbal Foot Bath TYT. Regular foot baths help your blood circulate better, increase your metabolism rate, help you sleep better and improve your overall health. Highly suitable for office workers who sit all day or workers who need to stand long hours, people who do not exercise much and the elderly with poor metabolism. Multi-uses can be used as an herbal bath infusion in steam rooms, jacuzzi or spa. Can be used as a hair wash as well.