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POKKA Melon Milk - A long-time favourite for many, POKKA Melon Milk Drink bursts with flavours of real, delicious melon juice, smoothly infused with silky, real milk. This unique creation has stood the test of time and is a top choice of fans all around the world; a delightful experience leaving you in awe!

POKKA Mango Milk - With its vivid colour and fruity aroma, mango delights the eye and rouses the taste buds. POKKA Mango Milk Drink awakens your senses with its full fruity flavor by combining rich juicy mango with smooth real milk. This succulent fleshy fruit gives you distinctive all-rounded taste experience like no other.

POKKA Banana Milk - What's yellow on the outside and deliciously white on the inside? The banana! POKKA Banana Milk combines that unforgettable flavour note with the smooth tender profile of milk, creating a drink with freshly rounded taste. It's creamy, delicious and energizing, just the right fit for banana lovers out there.

POKKA Cookies and Cream Milk - It took a genius to mix Cookies and Cream. Now how about Cookies and Cream scrumptiously swirled in silky blended, real milk? The result is a flavourful experience like no other! Inspired by one of the top 3 ice-cream flavours worldwide, this creamy indulgence will definitely entice your taste buds.

POKKA Rose Bandung Milk - Distinctly bright pink in colour, Bandung is a unique and delectable blend of milk with rose. Pokka Rose Bandung Milk Drink is formulated to evoke nostalgic Asian flavours. Each product is authentically made with real ingredients and contains absolutely no preservatives, bringing you quality taste in every sip. Pokka Rose Bandung is the perfect indulgence for all ages, anytime and anywhere.

POKKA Kurma Milk - Known for its various goodness, dates are popular throughout the world. POKKA Kurma Milk Drink bursts with flavours of real date juice swirled in silky, smooth, real milk. With the added benefit of no preservatives, this creamy and delicious indulgence is sure to satisfy your taste buds

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